Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, and the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, are scheduled to meet on Sunday in Jerusalem in order to discuss the conditions in the Gaza Strip.Well informed sources said that the main issue to be discussed in the meeting is the Gaza-Egypt border wall which was detonated by Palestinian fighters last week in an attempt to end the siege on the Gaza Strip and allow the stranded residents to return.

The two leaders are also expected to discuss arrangements to run the border in cooperation with Egypt.

Abbas and Olmert will also discuss the needed arrangements to follow-up on negotiations conducted by the Israeli Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, and Chief Palestinian Negotiator, Ahmad Qorea’.

On  Wednesday at dawn the Palestinian resistance destroyed part of the Wall separating the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah from Egypt using five makeshift bombs.

 Shortly afterwards thousands of Palestinians flocked through and started to buy food and fuel supplies from Egypt to bring back to the Coastal region The Rafah crossing, located in the southern side of the Gaza strip, is the only way for Palestinians to leave or enter the region, since June 2007; the crossing has been closed by the Israeli and Egyptian troops.