Palestinian humanitarian law organizations stated on Saturday that Israeli Authorities have stepped up policy of administrative detention.The sources said that 120 Palestinians have been kidnapped by the Israeli army from several parts of the West Bank in the past two weeks have been jailed under the administrative detention policy.

The detention policy is used by the Israeli army against Palestinians, the army under this policy refuses to give charges or reasons for the detention; claiming that there is critical information obtained, and revealing it to the detainee or their lawyer could risk the source of the information.

In the past two weeks the Israeli army invaded the West Bank Palestinian communities at least 70 times, during those invasions Palestinian sources reported the Israeli troops kidnapped at least 130 Palestinian civilians, among them seven children.

Currently there are 900 Palestinian detainees under the administrative detention, the UN deemed this policy as illegal.

Translated by Ghassan Bannoura IMEMC News Room