Six Palestinian civilians were injured at midday on Friday when Israeli troops attacked a nonviolent anti-wall demonstration in the village of Al Khader, located near Bethlehem city in the southern West Bank.

The Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements in Al Khader organized the protest to demonstrate against the illegal construction of the annexation wall on land owned by village farmers.

Around 500 villagers, foreign citizens, and Israeli peace activists marched towered the nearby Israeli settlers’ road separating the village from its farm lands. The protest started after Friday prayers were held at the site of the road.

Protesters originally planned to reach the construction site of the wall, but soldiers utilized barbed wire to block the way. As protesters reached this barricade, soldiers showered them with tear gas and sound bombs. Samer Jaber, an organizer from the village, said that troops were shooting the tear gas and sound grenades directly at the protesters.

Among the six injured were three children. In addition, Jaber reported, a 62 year old man named Khalil Salah had to be admitted to hospital after receiving wounds to the head, when a sound grenade exploded nearby.

The construction of the wall, ruled ‘illegal’ by the International Criminal Court, on this village land will expropriate over 20,000 dunams (5000 acres) of farmers’ land, destroying the livelihood of this predominantly agricultural community.