Dozens of residents of Silwan town, near Jerusalem, protested on Friday against the ongoing Israeli excavations in their town and the damages caused by the digging to their houses, constructions and streets. The protesters held Friday prayers in a protest tent, and held their protest which comes as Israel intensified its settlement activities, excavations and violations against the residents and their properties, especially in neighborhoods close to the Al Aqsa Mosque.

One of the Muslim Imams who participated in the protest stated that these violations are part of the Israeli plans to empty the Holy City of Jerusalem from its Arab residents and called on the Palestinian Authority to support the residents in defending Jerusalem and its holy sites.  

Four days ago, the residents found out that the excavations reached 15 meter deeps under their lands and houses which caused damages to several houses and roads especially in Wadi Hilwa area.  

The Excavations are carried out by financing from El’Ad company, which is one of the biggest supporters for illegal settlement activities in Jerusalem.

The residents intends to hold another protest, and conduct prayers in the protest tent, on Saturday. The tent was installed by the protesters in the excavation area.