The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) in Gaza, dominated by the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, slammed on Friday an attack carried by unknown vandals against the Gaza office of the YMCA on Friday at night.The PLC stated that this “coward attack targets the Islamic – Christian relations” and added that it also aims at creating tensions between the Muslims and Christians who always lived as brothers over the years.

“We consider this attack as an attempt to void the current stability and security in the Gaza Strip”, the PLC stated reads, “we consider this attack as a cooperation between vandals who are not from the Gaza Strip, and Israel”.

The PLC also said that Christians and Muslims are brothers, united and living side by side, and that the government will ensure the safety and security of its Christian citizens.

Several Palestinian factions also slammed that attack and considered it a violation to the national and moral beliefs of the Palestinian people.

The National Struggle Front said that this attack was carried by “perverts who aim at creating internal tension among the Palestinians.The Front added that the YMCA played an important role in helping the Palestinian people.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and the Poular Front For the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) slammed the attack and stated that this coward act is part of the state of chaos and insecurity.

The Fronts called on all national civil society to unite in slamming these attacks adding that attempts to create tensions between Muslims and Christians will always fail.