The Interim United Nations Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), which has had bases in the country since the Israel-Lebanon War in the early 1980s, has released a report accusing Israel of multiple severe violations of Lebanese sovereignty. Since a month-long invasion of Lebanon two years ago that left over 1200 Lebanese people dead and much of the country's infrastructure destroyed, Israel has violated Lebanese airspace and territory on a regular basis, according to the UNIFIL report.

In addition, UNIFIL officials submitted a strongly-worded letter to the Israeli government denouncing the violations, and calling for them to cease.

Israeli military officials admit to having stepped up operations on the Lebanon-Israel border following the assassination of Lebanese militia leader Imad Mugniyah last week, but didn't admit to earlier violations.

In the letter submitted to the Israeli government, UNIFIL Commander General Claudio Graziano stated, "We discussed the situation in South Lebanon, in addition to bilateral ties with the Lebanese Army, and we informed the premier that everything was under control in the southern region."