Three residents of the southern West Bank city of Hebron were injured on Monday, two seriously as army assaulted them. The third was injured as a suspicious device left behind by the Israeli army detonated near him.
Medical sources in Hebron reported, that three Palestinian residents have arrived to the emergency room in Hebron hospital as they were severely bruised. Two got bruises in different parts of their bodies as being beaten by Israeli soldiers, near the Abraham Mosque, also known as, the tomb of Patriarchs. Sources identified the two as Labib al-Fakhouri,17 and Yousef Misowadda,19.

Menwhile, Hisham Abu Maria, 14, from the nearby town of Beit Omar was injured in his left arm as an explosive device, believed to be left behind by the Israeli military detonated at a close distance where Abu Maria was standing. The suspicious device was reportedly found in an area which the Israeli army invaded recently and imposed house-arrest for several consecutive days.

Israeli army regularly invade Palestinian areas, and sometimes force all the residents to remain in their homes for long hours, and sometimes days. The army says they invade Palestinian areas looking for what they call, ‘wanted’ Palestinians.