A Palestinian child was shot and killed when the Israeli army opened fire at Palestinian homes located in the central Gaza strip city of Dier Al Balah on Tuesday evening.

Medical sources identified the child as Tamer Abu Sha’ar, 10 years old. Witnesses said that Israeli troops invaded the area, when confronted with local resistance men troops opened fire at nearby homes and killed the child.

Israeli army sources told the media that a small group of troops invaded Dier Al Balah and took over rooftops of local homes, where the soldiers said that they opened fire at Palestinians.

Sha’ar is the second Palestinian to be killed by Israeli army fire in the coastal region today.

A Palestinian resistance fighter of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s armed wing, was shot dead and another was wounded on the central Gaza-Israel border early on Tuesday.

Medical sources identified the man that was killed as Ismail Jadallah, and the democratic front confirmed he was killed during an armed clash with the Israeli soldiers manning the border.

In a statement, faxed to the press, the democratic front said that Jadallah was shot dead whilst planting a roadside bomb as a group of resistance fighters exchanged gunfire with the Israeli forces.