Dr. Ahmad Bahar, acting head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), demanded the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to stop all meetings with the Israeli side, and stated that these meeting are giving Israel more reasons to continue the attacks and siege against the Palestinian people.Bahar saluted the Palestinians who died during Israeli assaults in recent days and saluted the detainees imprisoned by Israel, including the head of the PLC Dr. Aziz Dweik.

He slammed the ongoing Israel attacks against the Palestinian people, especially the latest attack n Al Boreij refugee camp as nine residents were killed and more than sixty others were injured.

He also slammed that assassination of Imad Mughaniyya, one of the prominent leaders in the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party.

Dr. Bahar addressed the Palestinian president stating that “the arbitrary meetings with the Zionist entity are giving Israel more reasons to continue the crimes and killings against the Palestinian people”.

Dr. Bahar appealed the Arab and Muslim Nations to aid the Palestinians and break the siege against the Gaza Strip. He mainly appealed Egypt to open the Rafah Border Crossing between Gaza and Egypt.

He expressed hopes that the meetings between Hamas delegates and Egyptian officials will bare positive results and will lead to opening the Rafah Crossing.

Furthermore, Dr. Bahar slammed the statements of the government of Dr. Salaam Fayyad in the West Bank regarding allowing ownership of Palestinian lands to foreigners, adding that this issue could give Israeli agencies the chance to own lands in the West Bank and use them to settlement construction.

He stated that any law or act by the government of Fayyad is illegal and voided as these laws are issued by “an illegal government which did not win the approval of the legislative council”.

Regarding recent attacks in Gaza against Christian facilities and residents, including the killing of Rami Ayyad in October last year, and the recent attacks against the YMCA in Gaza and the Evangelical School, Bahar stated that Palestinian Christians are patriots who struggle alongside their Muslim brothers for liberation and independence.

He demanded the Gaza government to investigate these attacks and arrest the assailants.

Furthermore, Bahar slammed some Danish newspapers for publishing pictures that harms the image of Prophet Mohammad and Islam, and demanded an official apology from the Danish government.

During its Tuesday session, the PLC approved in the second reading a decree incriminating any decision or agreement which would make a concession over Jerusalem. The new law would be sent to president Abbas for approval and if he does not respond to it during a certain period it would be effective and would be published in the official newspaper.