Four unarmed Palestinian civilians were injured when Israeli troops attack a peaceful protest in Al Ma’ssara village located south of Bethlehem city, in the southern part of the West Bank.Around 70 Palestinians from the village along with international and Israeli supporters organized a protest against the illegal wall Israeli is building on the village land.

Protesters marched to the village entrance where the army blocked it with raiser wire. The villagers wanted to reach their lands, as soon as villagers tired to cross over the military checkpoint Israeli troops attacked them with batons and injured four of them.

Witnesses told IMEMC soldiers also spit and yelled at the young men at the protest to provoke violence but without success.

The four injured were identified as Hareth Ibrejeyiah, 6, Baraa Zawahrah, 8, Hassam Ibrejeyiah 38, and Mohamed Zawahrah 36.