The Nafha Society for Defending Detainees Rights and Human Rights reported that detainee Fadil Shaheen, 47, died of medical negligence at the Al Ramla Israeli Prison Hospital which lacks the basic equipment and tools. Shaheen is detainee number 195 who dies in Israeli prisons; most of the detainees died of torture and medical negligence.

The Society voiced an appeal to save the lives of hundreds of detainees who are seriously ill and need immediate medical attention and surgeries.

The Society stated that there are 1200 detainees who are suffering from several diseases while some of them are paralyzed or suffering from injuries sustained during their arrests.

There are 41 detainees who are currently at the Al Ramla Prison Hospital. Some of them need dialysis; others have been through surgeries for implants of artificial intestines, bladders while others are suffering from cancer or chronic diseases.

One of the detainees, identified as Mansour Moduqidy, from Al Zawiya village near the West Bank city of Salfit, was shot by three rounds of live ammunition in his abdomen which causes paralysis and his digestive system was torn out.

Now Mansour has a plastic digestive system while bags for urine and feces are always attached to his body.

Another detainee identified as Rabee’ Ali Harb, also from Salfit, was shot and paralyzed when the soldiers kidnapped him is also using bags for urine and feces. He needs further medical attention but denied of this right.

The Nafha Society stated that are playing a role in exposing the Israeli violations and the suffering of the detainees but this role needs to be carried out on local and international levels in order to save the lives of the detainees and prosecute Israel for its violations to the international law and the basic principles of human rights.