The disability rehabilitation sector in Palestine, part of the Network of the Nongovernmental Organizations, slammed the Israeli offensive against the Palestinian people, and stated that one of the killed residents suffered a hearing disability.The network stated that the Israeli army targeted several facilities that deals with rehabilitation and killed Hammad Mirshid, 47, who suffered a hearing impairment. Mirshid if from an area east of Jabalia, in the Gaza Strip.  

The group stated that the army shelled the headquarter of the Palestinian Medical Relief and caused damage to equipment and tools used by the handicapped residents.

The army also broke into a rehabilitation facility and used it as a military post. Damage was reported to the facility, especially the kindergarten.

The NGO’s slammed the Israeli assaults against the residents, and expressed dissatisfaction over the silence of international organizations while the Israeli army carried crimes against the residents.

The Rehabilitation Sector stated that the Israeli government is violating all human rights regulations and the Fourth Geneva Conventions, and called for an international intervention to provide protection for the residents.   

Nine Palestinians were killed on Monday and a total of 116 Palestinians were killed, 250 were injured since the offensive started on Wednesday. Most of the casualties were civilians and 25% of them were children.