The Media department at the US Consulate General in Jerusalem issued a press release on Friday stating that a trilateral meeting which brought together American, Israeli and Palestinian representative was held at the Consulate.In its statement, the Consulate stated that the parties agreed to establish a trilateral mechanism to follow up on the implementation of the Road Map Peace Plan, and to create better conditions for the Palestinians and Israelis, build confidence and to give a momentum to the political process.

The Consulate added that during the meeting, the parties discussed which commitments are not being fulfilled and why, in addition to exploring the methods that would accelerate the implementation of these commitments in a more effective way.

The Consulate also stated that the discussion was “frank and included exchanging of views that  helped the participants attain a better understanding of some very complex”.

At the end of its statement, the Consulate reported that the goal is to ensure that both parties fully implement their obligations as stated by the Road Map Plan.