Three Palestinians have been reportedly killed in separate incidents in the Gaza Strip, medics and media sources reported.Palestinians security sources said early on Thursday that farmer Hassan Abu Abed, 60, was shot dead by the Israeli army fire to the east of Qarrara town, in southern Gaza Strip.

Medics confirmed that Abu Abed was shot in the chest with a live bullet.

Witnesses said that the Israeli soldiers, manning the Gaza-Israel border line, opened fire at Abu Abed, causing his instant death on the spot.

Israeli media sources reported that the Israeli army claimed its soldiers spotted a figure near the border-fence with Israeli, just east of aL-Qarrara town.

The al-Qarrara town is an agricultural area, where many Palestinians have farm lands and earn a living.

Meanwhile, conflicting reports said two Palestinian resistance fighters of the aL-Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the ruling Hamas, were killed and three others wounded in a new Israeli air strike on a Qassam post in the Tal aL-Hawa on the southern Gaza city shores.

Dr. Moawiyeh Hasanin, chief of emergency department at the health ministry, identified the killed as Nour Jendia and Mohamad Bandar and confirmed that three others were wounded.

Hasanin said that one of the wounded has been admitted to the surgery room of the aL-Shifa hospital for severity of his wounds.

In a statement, faxed to press, the aL-Qassam brigades said two of their members were killed and three others were wounded during a ‘Jihad (holy war) operation’ in the Tal aLhawa neighborhood.

Israeli army spokeswoman denied any involvement in the said incident, Israeli media sources reported.

The Israeli army has been involved in many attacks on the coastal region since the Islamist Hamas group has taken over Gaza in June of last year, as of early March alone, the army killed more than 120 Palestinians including 40 children.