The Israeli Foreign Minister and head of the Israeli negotiation team, Tzipi Livni, states that all final statute issues will be discussed during current negotiations with Palestinians.Livni made her statement during an interview with the Israeli TV Channel 2. She added that the Jerusalem issue will also be among the topics discussed in the Palestinian/Israeli talks.

Palestinian/Israeli peace talks were revived last November during the one day US-sponsored Annapolis conference.

The core issues of Jerusalem, water resources, borders, political prisoners, and refugees have been serious stumbling blocks in past peace talks.  Commenting on Israel's siege of Gaza, Livni stated that Israel is commited to prevent the firing of home made shells by the Gaza-based Palestinian resistance into nearby Israeli towns.

Israel has put the Gaza Strip under siege and stepped up attacks since June 2007, when Hamas took control of the Palestinian Coastal region.  The ongoing seige and military assaults have caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.