Senior Palestinian political sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Monday that the dissolved Palestinian government in the Gaza Strip, headed by Ismail Haniyya of Hamas, decided to reappoint its ministers of the tenth government which was formed after the 2006 legislative elections in which Hamas achieved an overwhelming victory.In an interview with Al Risala weekly newspaper, which is close to the Hamas movement, Hamas sources said that Mahmoud Zahhar, who served as Foreign Minister, Sa'id Siyam, who served the Interior Minister, Ala' Al A'raj, who served as the Minister of Economy, and Atef Adwan, who served as the Minister of Refugees, will all resume their duties.


The Ministry of Information will be replaced by the Media Office of the government, and some ministers will be appointed to fill positions in two other ministries.

Last year and after extended deadly clashes between Hamas and Fateh gunmen in the Gaza Strip, and as the Israeli-led embargo over the Gaza Strip continued to devastate the strip, Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, dissolved the Hamas-led government and appointed a new one.

The Hamas government remained in the Gaza Strip and rejected the decrees of Abbas, while the appointed government initiated its duties in the West Bank.