Tens of bakeries in the Gaza Strip have been reportedly stopped working today morning, demanding an increase of bread prices.
Media sources said that the move came in protest against the rise of prices of fuel and flour, the main ingredients of breads production, in light of shortage of such essentials.

Hundreds of residents lined up yesterday evening at local bakeries to bring in breads after they have heard of the move.

Owners of bakeries in Gaza claim that rising the price of bread go compatible with the rise in other essential components of their production process, mainly flou, cooking gas of fuel.

The move came following a series of failed meetings between bakeries’ owners and concerned bodies with the ruling Hamas in Gaza.

Since June of last year, the Gaza Strip has been increasingly witnessing lack of essential supplies and raw materials, due to the Israeli siege of the coastal territory after Hamas took over the region in June2007.

Recently, a ‘symbolic’ grave yard has been established in Gaza city for approximately 3500 local industrial facilities, which have been forced to shut down due to lack of raw materials and high prices of goods.