The Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, dominated by the Hamas movement, issued a press release on Wednesday slamming a recent decision by the Israeli High Court of Justice to withdraw Jerusalem Identify Cards from four Jerusalem Hamas legislators detained by Israel.The four legislators, members of Hamas’ Change and Reform Parliamentarian Bloc, were identified as Sheikh Mohammad Abu Teir, Mohammad Totah, Engineer Ahmad Attoun and Khalid Abu Arafa, minister of Jerusalem Affairs in the tenth Palestinian government.

Hamas stated that this decision is politically motivated and violates all international rules and regulations, and added that this decision is part of the continuous Israeli attempts to void the Palestinian rights and existence in Jerusalem.

Hamas added that this decision is another violation of human rights and demanded Arab, Muslim and International parliaments to intervene and stop these violations.

Also, Hamas called on the Arab and International bodies to intervene for the release of all detained Palestinians imprisoned by Israel, including women and children, and to ensure the release of all detained legislators and officials including Dr. Aziz Dweik, head of the Legislative Council.