Lawyer of Al Hoqooq Center for Detainees Studies reported on Thursday that detainee Noura Al Hashlamoon, 37, a mother of six children, from Aqbat Tafooh area in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, is on hunger strike since 17 days in protest to her continued solitary confinement. Al Hashlamoon is detained in Al Ramla Israeli prison and subjected to ongoing violations which include ongoing solitary confinement, barring her from receiving proper food, and barring her from showering or even changing her clothes.

Freed female detainee, Raja’ Al Ghoul, stated that Al Hashlamoon is threatening to continue her hunger strike indefinitely until the Israeli Authorities release her.

Ra’fat Hamdoona, head of the Center, appealed several human rights groups, including the International Red Cross to intervene and save the life of Al Hashlamoon, and to act for her release in order to enable her to be among her children.

Hamdoona added that are more than 11000 detainees, including hundreds of women and children, are currently imprisoned by Israel and are facing ongoing violations and are facing harsh living conditions.

It is worth mentioning that both Al Hashlamoon and her husband, Mohammad, are imprisoned by Israel, while their six children are living with their grandmother.

Noura was kidnapped by the army more than 15 months ago and was interrogated for several weeks before she was confined under administrative detention orders without charges or trial.

Mohammad and Al Hashlamoon is also under administrative detention since September 2006.