Israeli daily Newspaper, Maariv, reported on Tuesday that The Israeli Foreign Ministry decided to prevent Professor Richard Black, a high profile Jewish leader at the United Nations, from becoming the official UN envoy for Human Rights in the Palestinian territories.

According to Maariv, Black had previously shown support to the Palestinian suicide bombings, and equated Israel with the Nazi regime. The newspaper was quoted as saying that the decision to appoint Black, a US citizen, was quickly rejected by the Israeli government.

An Israeli senior official in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the government will not allow Black to enter Israel with his official and diplomatic status, but he would be able to enter just as a tourist or as a new immigrant in accordance with the Israeli law of Return.

He added that if Black takes advantage of his status as a US citizen, or as a new immigrant to conduct any act against Israel, then Israel will take harsh measures against him.

Israel has previously accused the UN Council of Human Rights of being anti-Israeli, adding that he should be monitoring the implementation of Human Rights principles around the globe instead of being in Israel.