An Israel army force invaded the northern Gaza Strip city of Beit Hanoun Wednesday morning, taking several prisoners.

Palestinian media sources and witnesses said that an Israel infantry force, backed by five armored vehicles, swept into the aL-Amal neighborhood of Beit Hanoun city, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip early on Wedensday morning.

Witnesses added that the soldiers began breaking into the resdients' houses, ending with the arrest of three of them, including two brothers.

Those detained were identified as Mohammad Wahdan, 25, as well as the brothers Nayef,22 and Mustafa, 18, Abu Azra.

They were all taken by the Israeli army to an unknown destination, media sources reported.

These abductions came after the Israeli army killed two Palestinian fighters in the central Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning during an invasion by an army contingent, backed by a warplane, of the Wadi Alsalqa village. These Israeli actions came after Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, warned of further striking the Hamas regime in Gaza, refusing any ceasfire with the armed Palestinian resistance group.