Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported that eight Palestinians, including three children, were killed on Wednesday in three Israeli air-strikes that targeted Gaza city. Two fighters were killed shortly after attacking Nahal Oz Israeli military base and killing two soldiers.Eyewitnesses reported that the Israeli air force carried a series of air strikes that targeted areas in the eastern and northern parts of the Gaza Strip killing five residents and injuring several others.

Three of the slain residents, including two children, and six injured residents were transferred to the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The three slain residents were identified as Atif and Ahmad Al Gharabily and Mazin Abu Al Qommez. They were killed when the army shelled two houses belonging to Al Gharabily and Al Qommez families in Al Shujaeyya neighborhood east of Gaza City.

One resident, identified as Mohammad Ali Abu Jabah, was killed after the army opened fire at Gas Station he owns in Al Shujaeyya.

One fighter of the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, identified as Ismail Abu Al Nassr, was killed when the Israeli air force fired a missile at a group of residents in Al Mansoura neighborhood in the Central Gaza City.

Moreover, the Al Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, stated that two of its fighters went missing during the attack in Nahal Oz military base, while the Israeli army said that it is holding the bodies of two fighters who participated in the attack.

On Wednesday evening, one fighter of the Al Quds Brigades, was killed and three others were injured when the Israeli air force fired missiles at Al Shujaeyya neighborhood.  The fighters were killed when the army fired a missile at their vehicle. Four residents were injured in the shelling, one seriously, medical sources at Al Shifa Hospital reported