Palestinian sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Monday that four major universities had to shut down due to shortages of fuel as the students became unable to travel from the northern parts  and the southern parts of the Gaza Strip to Gaza City.The Israeli army dismissed the report and said that Hamas movement is to be blamed for the situation in Gaza, and claimed that Hamas is fabricating the crisis, Israeli Ynetnews reported.

Students in the Gaza Strip are unable to travel to their universities due to the fuel crisis, and the campuses had to shut down.

 Meanwhile, sources at the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority said that they believe that the shortages would soon affect other aspects of the civilian life, as hospitals and medical centers are already suffering from the blockade, and lacking basic supplies in addition to fuel needed to run power generators.

 Security forces in Gaza reported that the ongoing situation would accelerate further deterioration and would push the residents to break through the borders with Egypt in spite of Egyptian warnings, the Ynetnews added.

The Gaza Strip was completely sealed since Hamas’ take over last summer. Israeli temporarily opened the borders for sporadic periods.

On Wednesday, Palestinian medical sources reported that five Palestinian patients died on after the Israeli army prevented them from leaving the coastal region for medical treatment in Egypt.

More than 125 Palestinian patients, including 24 children and 43 women, died due to the ongoing siege.