The Israeli police demolished on Monday afternoon a Palestinian owned house located in Anata neighborhood, in the northern part of Jerusalem city.Witnesses stated that bulldozers and Israeli troops surrounded the house on Monday morning; police officers forced the family out of their home and attacked them with batons.

By Monday evening, the house was completely leveled, local sources reported.

Younis Subeh, the owner of the house, said that he built his home five years ago, and after the construction of the house was completed, the Jerusalem Municipality decided to demolish it, and Subeh appealed to an Israeli court which rejected his appeal four days ago.

The Israeli police said that the house is too close to the illegal Annexation Wall, and that it was build without the needed documents.

The International court of Justice issued an advisory ruling on 2004, stating that the Israeli Wall is illegal and should be removed.

Furthermore, Israel has rarely issued construction permits for Palestinians living in Jerusalem since it occupied the city in 1967.

During the demolishing on Monday, Palestinian families gathered near the attack home, the Israeli officers attacked them with batons. The incident led to hand scuffle between the officers and the families in the town

Sobeh stated that after the soldiers attacked him, his wife and sons, his daughter arrived at the scene and tried to help her mom, troops then attacked and injured her after hitting her with a baton on the head. She was moved to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Translated by: Ghassan Bannoura – IMEMC News Room