The Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported on Wednesday that Palestinian detainees imprisoned in Megiddo Israeli detention facility will launch a one-day hunger strike on Thursday marking the Palestinian Prisoners Day.The detainees stated that on this day, they want to highlight the ongoing Israeli violations and illegal practices against them, the Palestinian News Agency, WAFA, reported.

Thaer Abu Bakr, an activist in the detainees’ affairs, stated on Wednesday that the detainees managed to smuggle a letter from Megiddo stating that they demand activating their issue in international forums in order to practice pressure on Israel to release them without any preconditions.  

As the Palestinians mark the Palestinian Prisons Day, nearly 11000 detainees remain in detention in several Israeli prisons, detention centers and interrogation facilities.

WAFA added that the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees reported that Israel kidnapped 750 Palestinians since 1967. 65000 were kidnapped since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada.

Abdul-Nasser Farawna, a researcher at the ministry prepared a comprehensive report on the detainees stating that the army kidnapped nearly 2200 Palestinians since the beginning of this year. 1900 Palestinians were kidnapped in 2007.

The detainees are distributed to more than 25 prisons, detention centers and interrogation facilities. 520 detainees were kidnapped before the Al Aqsa Intifada including 350 who were kidnapped before the Oslo agreement which was signed between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in 1994.  

Since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in late September 2000, Israel issued more than 18000 Administrative Detention Orders either against new detainees or detainees who were already imprisoned under administrative detention.

Israel inherited the Administrative Detention rule from the British Mandate, under this rule the Israel security can imprison any resident without filing charges as it uses “secret file” which neither the detainee nor the lawyer, can obtain a copy of the file.

In 2007, Israel issued more than 3000 administrative detention orders against youth, women, ministers, legislators and even ministers of previous Palestinian governments.