Member of the Political Bureau of the leftists Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Khalida Jarrar, slammed Hamas security forces in Gaza for attacking a protest organized by Fateh in Rafah town, in the southern part of Gaza, in support to the detainees imprisoned by Israel. Jarrar said that Hamas forces attacked the protesters with batons, and attacked her personally with batons; dozens of wounded and several residents were arrested.

She stated that the protest was organized in support to the detainees imprisoned by Israel and added that this attack is another violation against public freedom and the right to organize peaceful protests.

Jarrar also said that such violations are totally rejected and unjustified as they do not serve the public interest and obstruct the efforts to restore internal unity among the Palestinians and ending the destructive divisions.

Jarra r stated that the residents were protesting peacefully in solidarity with the detainees who are imprisoned by Israel and are spending years behind bars for rejecting the occupation, and are steadfast in spite of the ongoing violations against them.

She demanded forming a probe committee in order to end all violations against public freedom and demanded prosecuting the officers responsible for attacking the protesters.