The Palestinian health ministry of the ruling Hamas party in Gaza has been reportedly fighting to keep up providing services for the 1.5 million residents of Gaza Strip as the Israeli closure of the region continues unabated.
In a recent report, the ministry said that it has been making relentless contacts with various concerned bodies worldwide for survival amidst the crippling Israeli closure of the coastal territory.

Out of such contacts, a cooperation between the ministry and a number of foreign health institutions have been achieved. The Relief of Palestine’s Children Foundation, will be offering medication in various diseases to the Gaza-European hospital, the report pointed out.

Other medical crews from foreign countries are due to arrive in Gaza by July , in order to help local hospitals undergo a number of critical surgeries.

The Human Land foundation in Gaza has recently supplied Gaza’s hospitals with five dialysis machines for cases of kidney failure.

Among the services to be upgraded soon, in cooperation with international organizations, cardiac diseases surgeries, intensive care units at local hospitals as well as general surgery departments and cancer treatment.

The Gaza Strip’s hospitals have been suffering lack of spare parts and medical equipment due to a crippling Israeli closure of the region since the Hamas party took over Gaza in June2007.