On Sunday afternoon, a group of Palestinian children with special needs held a march in Gaza City.  They held banners and carried signs appealing to the people of the world to "let them live like the rest of the world's children" by pressuring Israel and the U.S. to end their total siege on the people of Gaza.

Since the Hamas party was elected by the Palestinian people in 2006 to head the Palestinian government, Israel and the US have imposed a total siege on the people of Gaza, imprisoning them inside the tiny Strip with no access to imported necessities like food, water, fuel or medicine, and with no means to maintain their own economy.


The march was organized by the education ministry in Gaza.  The children marched to the headquarters of the World health Organization, where they handed a letter to the organization's field director, Dr. Mahmoud Dahir.


They marched through the streets of Gaza, chanting and singing, and asking for the world to help them as they face the grave humanitarian crisis resulting from the siege.  Unfortunately for the children, very little international media were present to record their rally, as Israeli government officials have prevented nearly all international media from accessing the Gaza Strip since the siege began.


Israel started the siege as a policy of 'collective punishment' of the Palestinian people of Gaza, for their choice of the Hamas party as their elected government.