Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli army attacked several parts of the West Bank and kidnapped nine civilians on Tuesday morning.

Four of those kidnapping were taken from the city of Nablus and nearby Burka village. Troops searched and ransacked homes then kidnapped Maher Baiyado, 17, Sadam Salah, 16 and his brother Munjed, 18, all three from Burka village, while Sami Al Huoh, 26 was taken from his house in Nablus city.

In Qalqilia city troops attacked and searched the house of Mohamed Nufal, then took his son Jihad after beating him up, the family reported.

Saher Rezik-Allah, 25, was kidnapped by the Israeli army during an invasion targeting the village of Attel near Tulkarem city on Tuesday at dawn.

Three men, Kayed Al Namurah, 20, Mohamed Al Sharha, and Mo’taz Abu Zind, 18, were all taken when Israeli troops stormed the village of Dura near Hebron and searched a number of homes there.