The Islamic Jihad group in Gaza said today that Abbas-Olmert meetings are ‘complete loss’, because they are held at the end of U.S’s President Gorge W. Bush term in office.

In a statement, faxed to press on Thursday, the group called on President Mahmoud Abbas not to produce any concessions to the Israeli side and rather focus on working out a real reconciliation among the Palestinian people.

Khaled aL-Batch, a local leader of the group in Gaza, described the Bush’s pledges during last November Annapolis summit, to realize a Palestinian state on 1967 borders by end of 208 as ‘ checks without an account , the one who issued them can not make them valid. Bush can never pressure the Israeli side’.

Palestinian-Israeli peace talks have so far failed to come out with an agreement on contentious issues between the two parties, as Washington has been unable to forge such an agreement up to this moment.