The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a report on Sunday revealing that Israeli soldiers killed 69 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in April. The Center added that among the killed residents were 20 children and 16 women. The Center reported that soldiers carried 30 invasions into the Gaza Strip in April and kidnapped 127 Palestinians, including 17 who are still in detention. Soldiers also bulldozed 372 Dunams of agricultural land and demolished 15 homes.

The ongoing attacks against the Gaza Strip come as Israel continues its siege against the Gaza Strip and after it significantly decreased the amounts of fuels allowed into the coastal region.

In April, Israeli authorities allowed the entry of 6.406 liters of industrial fuel needed to operate the Electricity Generators at the power station in Gaza. This amount is nearly half of the amount which is needed to fully operate the station.

Also, the Israeli Authorities only allowed the entry of 2.229 Tons of cooking gas. The amount is 30% of actual demand.  

Also, Israel used to allow the entry of 500.000 liters of fuel on daily basis, but during the whole month of April Israel only allowed the entry of 135.000 liters.

The Al Mezan Center stated that these violations and the ongoing invasions, assassinations shelling and attacks in the Gaza Strip are direct violations to the international law and the basic principles of human rights.

The Center added the Israel is encouraged by the idleness and the silence of the International Community.

Al Mezan Center renewed its demands to the International Community to intervene and provide international protection to the civilians in Gaza and to stop the ongoing Israeli attacks against them.

The Center added that the Israeli violations are war crime and crimes against humanity and that the international community should prosecute the officials in charge of these crimes.