An Israeli air strike killed early on Tuesday a Qassam fighter and wounded another, when the car they were driving was hit with a missile.
Medical sources in northern Gaza Strip confirmed that Hesham Shomar, 23 was killed and Omar Hammad 25, was wounded after sustaining critical injuries. Hammad has his limbs amputated, medics added.

Palestinian security sources said that an Israeli drone fired at least one missile towards a car near the Abraj Al-Nada residential houses in the northern parts of Gaza Strip.

The Alqassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, said in a statement that Shomar belonged to its ranks.

Meanwhile the Israeli tanks rolled earlier in the morning near the eastern cemetery of the Jabalya refugee camp, amidst heavy gunfire towards the nearby residents as bulldozers began razing farm lands in the area.

Small-scale Israeli army incursions into Gaza Strip areas as well as pinpoint air strikes have increased recently, after the ruling Hamas party had offered a ceasefire with Israel, to instate calm in the region.

Ahead of the visit of Egyptian intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, who has mediated the ceasefire initiative , Israel reiterated rejection to the proposal and demanded some conditions.