The ruling Hamas party in Gaza and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command) in Damascus demanded on Wedensday an end to the Israel-enforced siege on the Gaza Strip, in place since June of last year.

In a statement to press, spokesman of Hamas, Fawzi Barhoum, emphasized the need to reopen the Rafah crossing terminal on the southern Gaza-Egypt border lines.

Barhoum reiterated his party's position that lifting the siege and ending the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people are the main demands of Hamas and that the ball now is in the Israeli court.

Hamas has recently offered a ceasefire deal based on ending the Israeli blockade and stopping Israeli army attacks on the Gaza population and that Hamas would stop homemade shells fire onto Israeli areas.

In the meantime, the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (General Command ) in Damascus as well as the Popular Resistance Committees in Gaza, called jointly for lifting the Israeli blockade.

In a statement faxed to press, the two factions called on Arab and international players to use their leverage for the sake of ending the suffering of the Palestinian people.

During discussions in Damascus, the two Palestinian groups agreed that the problem of Palestinian refugees and the right of Palestinians to return to their homeland, are the core of Palestinian cause, the statement reads.

The statement also says that resisting the Israeli occupation should be based on a political-resistance program that considers any peaceful settlements with Israel as 'not serious'.