Mahmoud Zahhar, one of the prominent political leaders of Hamas movement, stated on Thursday that Egyptian Intelligence Chief,  Omar Suleiman, will visit Israel next week in order to receive an Israel response to Hamas’ truce offer. The movement is currently awaiting an Israeli response.Zahhar said, during a conference organized female members and supporter of Hamas in commemoration of the Nakba, that Suleiman will visit Israel next week and will receive the Israeli response.

He added that the visit is already set but Israel does not want to announce the exact day. “But the important things is that it will be next week, and then we will receive a response on truce offer”, he stated.

The Hamas leader also said that the movement and the Egyptian leadership agree that talks on the release of the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit,  in the framework of a prisoner-swap deal, should be delayed until after a truce is reached and after the siege on the Gaza Strip is lifted.