The Palestinian energy authority said on Sunday that the Israeli authorities blocked on Sunday morning delivery of industrial crude diesel to Gaza’s power plant, which generate’s electricity to Gaza’s population.

Abdelkarim Abdeen, director of the energy authority, told media outlets in Gaza today that despite contacts with the Israelis for the resumption of shipments of industrial diesel to the power plant, the Israelis refused to allow them in under security pretexts, mainly at the Nahal Auz fuel terminal in eastern Gaza.

The energy authority had earlier declared that the Gaza’s power plant would have to shut down completely very soon due to lack of fuel, needed to generate electricity. This would mean a total deficit of power supply, estimated at %55 percent of the original need of Gaza’s 1.5 million residents.

Kan’an Obaid, deputy-head of the energy authority, held a press conference yesterday in Ramattan News Agency in Gaza, said that stoppage of the Gaza’s sole power plant would mean a total paralysis of life in the Strip, especially in the shadow of large deficits of cooking gas and other types of fuel..

Obaid called on all concerned international and Arab bodies to intervene immediately to prevent a real humanitarian crisis in the coastal region.