The Islamic Jihad’s armed wing, known as Saraya Alquds brigades, fired early on Monday two homemade shells onto the Israeli town of Ashkelon, about 12 kilometers away from the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, faxed to press, the Saraya Alquds brigades said that the Monday shelling onto Asqalan ‘Ashkelon’, came in response to the latest rounds of Israeli army attacks on the Gaza Strip, particularly the assassination attempts’.

The statement also read that the firing of shells was further commitment by the Islamic Jihad group to the path of resistance.

Israeli media sources reported Monday that two homemade shells landed today morning in the city of Ashkelon, hitting the city’s park, causing slight damages to some buildings and wounding a woman with shock.

In the meantime, Palestinian medical sources announced that Mo’taz Abu Anza, 25-year-old young man, died today of wounds he had sustained earlier during an Israeli army invasion of the Khuza’a town in southern Gaza Strip.

The death of Abu Anza brings to 7 the death toll of Palestinians who were killed last week by the Israeli army in the Khuza’a town.

The said developments come shortly before the visit of Omar Suleiman, chief of Egyptian intelligence, to Israel on Monday. Suleiman is expected to submit to Israeli officials the last month’s Egyptian-mediated ceasefire offer, the Gaza resistance factions agreed to in Cairo.