Around 250 Palestinians and Internationals, including 70 Americans demonstrated against the construction of the separation wall on the land of Al-Me’sara village south of Bethlehem on Friday morning.The protestors wore black T-Shirts, and raised black flags in a mourning sign to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the Nakba, the dispossession of the Palestinian people in 1948.

As the protestors arrived at the construction site of the wall, dozens of Israeli troops lined up and placed barbed wire in order to prevent the protestors to advance closer to the wall.

The protestors set up a tent at the site to resemble the tents the expelled Palestinians of 1948 lived in. Troops assaulted the protestors with their batons, and rifle buts wounding three of them moderately. The three were treated for bruises in their bodes, and were identified as, Mazen El-Azza, Ahmad Hassan and Hassan Zawahra.

A number of speeches were given stressing on the need to continue to resist the wall through nonviolent means, and affirming that the Palestinian people continue to demand their right to return to their land that they were expelled from sixty years ago.