Dozens of extremist settlers of the Yitzhar settlement, near the northern West Bank city of Nablus, attacked Palestinian villagers of Aseera Al Qibliyya on Friday. Several Palestinian villagers were beaten by the settlers who also caused excessive damage in the village.

 Meanwhile, the settlers claimed that the Palestinian villagers provoked them “by setting a wheat field belonging to the settlement on fire”.

 Israeli police sources reported that settlers and Palestinians villagers hurled stones at each other.

 The army and the police said that they launched a probe into the incidents. But, Palestinian residents stated that the Israeli police and soldiers did not attempt to stop the settlers from carrying their attack.

 Two weeks ago, settlers of Yitzhar attacked the same village and caused excessive damage, but the army claimed that the Palestinians caused these clashes “after approaching the settlement and setting a field on fire”.

 The army also rejected any claims that the settlers invaded the Palestinian village, and refused even to probe the incident.