Rami Abdo, spokesperson of the Popular Committee Against the Siege, reported on Saturday that an eight-month old infant and a 45-year old man died due to the ongoing siege in Gaza after suffering from serious illnesses and were not allowed to leave the coastal region for medical treatment in abroad. Several patients died in Gaza last week.Abdo stated that Fahidh Tawafeen, 8 months old, suffered from leukemia and her family filed an appeal to the Israeli Authorities more than twenty days ago to allow them transfer her to a hospital outside the Gaza Strip but received no response and the child died at the Al Aqsa Hospital in the central Gaza Strip.

Also, medical sources reported on Saturday morning that Hosny Sobhy Salah, 45, died of a heart condition at a Gaza hospital.

The siege on Gaza emptied its hospital from medical equipment and even medications, and Salah had no more medication available.

The death of the infant and the 45-year old man raises the number of Palestinians who died due to the ongoing siege in Gaza to 145.

Two more patients, identified as Nofouth Hamada, 52, and Mohammad Abdul-Shafy, 51, died at local hospitals in Gaza due to the lack of medications and medical equipment as the siege emptied Gaza hospitals and medical centers from the basic equipment and medical supplies.

Hamada was a cancer patient and Abdul-Shafy suffered a heart condition.  

Furthermore, resident Yasser Arafat Nasyo, 30, died on Saturday after nearly twenty years of suffering due to gunshot injuries he suffered during the first Intifada.

He was shot and wounded by Israeli military gunfire, as a bullet penetrated his heart. He underwent several surgeries and always needed ongoing medical attention and follow-up at Egyptian hospital.

The ongoing siege on Gaza barred him from leaving the area after the Israeli authorities rejected four requests.  

Earlier this past week, resident Samia Ahmad Al Saftawi, 55, died of cancer after she ran out of medications and was not allowed to leave Gaza for medical treatment in Egypt.