On Thursday night about 10 pm, a Palestinian taxi driver was shot in the head and critically wounded by an Israeli security guard who said that the driver refused to stop on command. The taxi driver, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, was driving an Israeli soldier and a teenage Israeli girl to a Jewish girl's school inside the settlement of Dolev when the security guard for the school stepped in front of the car and demanded that he stop. When the driver didn't immediately stop, the security guard shot him in the head.


The driver was later transported by helicopter to an Israeli hospital. He is now being detained by Israeli police for questioning, despite having been shot in the head earlier in the evening. The two passengers, the Israeli soldier and the Israeli teenage girl, have also been detained for questioning. A third passenger in the car, apparently a friend of the driver, fled from the scene after the driver was shot.


According to Israeli media, police are conducting an ongoing investigation of the incident.