Israeli newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, and the Dahaf Center, under the supervision of Dr. Mina Tsemah, conducted a survey on 500 Israelis chosen randomly and asked them about negotiations with Syria and the withdrawal from the Golan Height. The survey revealed that two-thirds of the Israelis believe that Olmert is not entitled to hold talks with Syria. Only 6% of the surveyed said that they have utmost trust in the Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert. The margin of error of the survey was 4.5%.

50% of the surveyed Israelis said that they object to any withdrawal from the Golan Heights, even a partial one.  

Responding to a question which states “Can Israel cede some areas in the Golan Heights under a comprehensive peace deal with Israel?”, 19% of the surveyed said that Israel must withdraw from all of the Golan Heights, 29% said that Israel should withdraw from part of the area and 52% said that they reject any withdrawal.

Responding to another question regarding the possibility of achieving a peace deal with Syria in the near future, 46% said it is possible, 50% said not possible, and the rest refused to answer.

Responding to another question which states “Are negotiations with Syria considered a real danger, or do they divert attention away from Olmert’s current crisis”, 36% said that negotiations pose real danger on Israel, and 49% said that these negotiations are carried out to divert attention away from the probes against Olmert.

37% of the surveyed said that Olmert is worthy of holding talk with Syria and 61% said he is not.

Only 6% said that they totally trust Olmert, 15% said that they nearly have not trust in him, 26% said that they have certain trust and 51% said they do not trust him at all.

Responding a question on who is the best to head the Israeli government, 30% said Tzipi Livni, 30% said Benjamin Netanyahu, `15% voted for Ehud Barak, and 22% said none of the above is suitable for this position.

Comparing between Netanyahu, Barak and Shaul Mofaz, 32% said Netanyahu will be a better Prime Minister, 18% preferred Barak, 16% said Mofaz, and 28% said none of the above.