Interrogators of the Regional Unit which probes fraud cases interrogated Olmert again on Friday and said that this interrogation was decisive as it could lead to an indictment against him. The interrogation team met for consultations with the head of the investigations committee at the Israeli Police department, Yohanan Daneno, shortly after interrogating Olmert.

 Israeli sources reported that the investigators probed Olmert in regard to the statements of Olmert’s lawyer Uri Maisor, who is also under investigation. According to the sources, Maisor presented documents which indicated that Olmert received money for his personal use.

Olmert is suspected of receiving large sums of money, which mounts to several hundreds of thousands over the last ten years. The money was from an American businessman. Both his lawyer, and the previous head of his office, Shoula Zakin, are involved in the case.  

The Israeli police and investigators suspect that Olmert took bribes, violated his campaign funding and laundered money.

On his part, Olmert denied all of the allegations and said that he will resign of he is indicted. Yet, the probe is expected to take several months and may not lead to immediate results.

He added that these investigations will not affect talks with Syria or with the Palestinians, and stated that “Ariel Sharon was under investigation, but still led the Gaza Disengagement Plan”.

Olmert also said that although he does not know how long he will remain in office, he will not abandon the peace talks with the Syria and the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli leaders close to Olmert in Kadima and Labor parties, stated two days ago that talks with Syrian officials are ongoing and that senior Israeli security leaders are backing these talks.