The Israeli army vacated on Sunday a military outpost near the Gaza Strip, Israeli media sources reported.
‘ For the first time since Israel withdrew forces from the Gaza Strip, coordinator of the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip, General Yousi Mishleb, ordered the evacuation of the directorate of civil coordination and liaison in northern Gaza Strip, for fears the soldiers inside might be harmed’, the sources said.

The evacuated offices will be removed to the Joles army base, 17 kilometers away from the Strip, added the sources.

According to Yede’out Ahronot online newspaper, some of the army commanders objected to the evacuation order, for concern over misinterpretation that the Israeli soldiers ‘might be incapable of protecting the Gaza-Israel border lines in the north of Gaza’.

The commanders said that the soldiers should remain bin positions , for they should be on duty , protecting the border lines and those Israelis living over there.

Last week, a Palestinian fighter drove his explosives-laden van towards the Eritz crossing in northern Gaza Strip, blowing up himself inside the van and leaving no casualties among the Israelis.

The coordination offices on the Eritz checkpoint used serve as a liaison and coordination link between the Palestinian Authority and Israel, before Hamas’s takeover of the coastal enclave in June2007.

In 20, the Israeli army disengaged unilaterally from the Gaza Strip, leaving behind a legacy of almost 40 years of occupation. Despite the disengagement, Israel continues to control Gaza’s crossings , airspace and sea.