The Wa’ed Society for defending the detainees slammed on Saturday an Israeli military court for its decision to deport a Palestinian female detainee to Jordan along with her children. Last Monday, the Israeli court decided to deport Nora Al Hashlamon and her children to Jordan, which is another Israeli violation and a collective punishment.

Mohammad, the husband of Nora, is currently imprisoned under administrative orders in Ramon prison.

The society stated that the court stated that if Nora refuses the deportation order she will be imprisoned until further notice.

The society added that this ruling is another violation to the international law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions. It also said that Israel is conducting hostile activities and ongoing with its efforts to foil any truce deal in the area.

“The Fourth Geneva Convention signed in 1949 bars the deportation of individuals and groups from their country”, the society said, “this Israeli decision is another violation to the international law and is another war crime practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people”.

The society voiced an appeal to the international community and human rights groups to intervene and stop the implementation of this ruling, and called on the international community to ensure the release of all female detainees imprisoned by Israel.

Al Hashlamon, a mother of six children, was kidnapped by the Israeli forces on September, 17, 2006, and remained imprisoned under administrative detention orders without charges. On June 11, an Israeli military court renewed her administrative detention order for the eight time.

It is worth mentioning that, during the Al Aqsa Intifada, the Israeli authorities deported two female detainees, identified as Ahlam Jawhar and Asma’ Saleh,  and dozens of male detainees to the Gaza Strip and abroad.