Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, pledged on Weddnsday to achieve a major breakthrough in peace negotiations with the Palestinians this year.
Israeli radio ‘Hebrew service’ reported that Olmert , who was meeting with Jewish lobby leaders in Washington, said that a historic accomplishment will be maintained this year in terms of peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

The radio also reported that Olmert expressed concern over the situation of borders between Israel and Gaza and asserted that Israel will save no effort to restore calm over there.

‘ Israel will yield no effort to carry out a major military offensive on Gaza, if this was the best way to restore calm on the southern borders’.

Olmert also believed that peace with Syria will defuse tension in the region, especially with respect to what he called ‘the evil axe’, saying that if Syria opts for peace , then a strategic overturn will occur in the Middle East.

The corruption charges-plagued Israeli premier also pointed out that the nuclear Iran should be curbed by any possible means, warning Yehran of what he termed grave consequences if Iran continues its nuclear drive.

Olmert is currently paying a visit to Washington , where he is suppoed to meet wit top American officials including President W. Bush, whose term in office is drawing to an end.