Israeli troops stopped on Thursday midday a peaceful protest organized at a military checkpoint near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Local NGOs and political groups in the city of Nablus with the participation of international peace activists organized the protest to commemorate the 5th of June. The protesters carried banners calling for the end of the Israeli occupation, and the removing of the Israeli army checkpoints.

The protest was organized at Beit Iba checkpoint near Nablus city, as soon as the people marched towards the checkpoints Israeli soldiers stopped the march and did not allowed it to move.

Organizers delivered speeches calling for the end of the Israeli occupation to the Palestinian land.

In June 5th 1967 Israel, which was only occupied the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem city and the rest of the West Bank. Since 41 yeas Palestinians mark this day with protest against the ongoing Israeli occupation to their lands.