Hamas detainees imprisoned by Israel issued a press release welcoming that recent developments between Fateh and Hamas movements, especially after president Mahmoud Abbas said that he decided to hold a comprehensive national dialogue.

Ismail Haniyya of Hamas, the prime minister of the dissolved government in Gaza, also welcomed the statements of Abbas.

The detainees said that they welcome all efforts to restore national unity among the Palestinian people and their factions.

“We were very pleased to hear the news about coincidence between our brothers in Hamas and Fateh, and the declaration of president Abbas to hold comprehensive national dialogue”, the detainees stated, “We also welcome the positive response from Brother Ismail Haniyya”.

The detainees also said that they fully support all unity efforts which would end the current internal divisions and restore national unity.

“Our priority is the struggle against the occupation”, they added, “Our priority is liberating our land and achieving independence”.