The Israeli Prison Administration transferred two female detainees who were kidnapped recently by the army in Bethlehem to administrative detention without any charges or trial. The number of female detainees who are imprisoned under administrative detention orders arrived to seven.

Recently, the Israeli authorities transferred Salwa Riziq, from Al Khader town near Bethlehem, to administrative detention for four months, and detainee Sara Yasser Al Siniora, 19, from Bethlehem City for administrative detention for five months. Both were kidnapped by the Israeli army two weeks ago.

An Israeli military spokesperson claimed that the two detainees are considered “a threat to the security of the region” but did not reveal any further details. The Israeli prosecution claims having a secret file against them, but this file, if really exists, cannot be shown even to the defense attorneys.

With the transfer of Salwa and Sara to administrative detention, the number of female detainees imprisoned by Israel under administrative detention orders arrives to seven.

Recently, the Israeli Authorities told detainee Nora Al Hashlamoon, that she will either receive another administrative detention order or she can choose to be deported to Jordan for three years.

She was kidnapped on August 2006, and is a mother of six children. He husband is also imprisoned under administrative detention orders six two years.

The administrative detention was first used by the British Mandate and is based on an emergency law. A detainee under administrative detention orders is imprisoned without charges and this order can be indefinitely renewed without trial.  It is considered a direct violation to the Fourth Geneva Conventions.

It is worth mentioning that there are nearly 900 detainees, including eight children, imprisoned under administrative detention orders. They are imprisoned in the Negev detention camp, Be’er Shiva prison, Al Ramla prison, Hadarim prison, Majiddo prison and Nafha prison.

Approximately 9500 detainees are currently imprisoned by Israel, among them 350 children. Also, there are more than 1000 sick detainees, 50% of them need surgeries. 32 detainees are living in Al Ramla prison hospital which lacks the basic equipment, and are suffering from medical negligence.

It is worth mentioning that since 1967, 195 detainees died in Israeli prisons due to torture and medical negligence. The latest casualty was detainee Fadil Shahin from the Gaza Strip.

Moreover, there are 81 female detainees imprisoned by Israel, including two underage detainees identified as Hiba As’ad Al Natsha and Ayaat Mohammad Dababsa, both are from the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

There are 23 detained mothers including two who are detained with their infants. The two are identified as Fatima Al Ziq and her infant Yousef, 3 moths, in addition to Khawla Al Zeitwawi and he two-year old child Ghada.