The village of Al Khader, located near the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, organized on Friday midday its weekly protest aginest the illegal Israeli wall being built on the village land.

At least 150 Palestinians from the village of Al Khader along with Israeli and international supporters staged the protest at the nearbu settlers road. The march started with midday prayers held near the army checkpoint there, then speeches were delivered by local organizers.

Samier Jaber of the local committee against the Wall and settlement said that today protest was to commemorate the world day for refugees, he said’ because of the Israeli illegal wall and settlement all Palestinians will be refugees.’

Jaber added that ‘we call on the international community to stop Israeli of doing the daily violations against our people.’

After the speeches a group of old men from the village marched to the checkpoint, were soldiers forced them away, local sources said that soldiers bushed one of the old men and nearly injured him.