Attorney Bothaina Douqmaq, head of the Mandela Society which defends the rights of political prisoners, revealed that the Israeli Security Services through the Israeli Prison Administration are re-interrogating detainees who are about to be set free.

Douqmaq stated that after she visited Hadarim Israeli prison and met with a number of detainees. She was informed that several detainees who finished they terms and are about to be set free, were moved to Salem prison, near the northern West Bank city of Jenin, and were interrogated there.

The detainees are interrogated on charges they already were sentenced for, and are also asked about their opinion on the current political developments in the Palestinian territories.

Douqmaq also said that dozens of detainees were interrogated over the past few days in several interrogation centers, especially in Salem prison. Among the interrogated detainees was Husam Khader, a previous Palestinian legislator who is imprisoned in Hadarim.

Khader told Douqmaq that he was moved to Salem prison and was interrogated and asked about his position regarding the current political developments, the peace process, President Mahmoud Abbas, Fateh movement, and his future plans.

Also, Douqmaq met with detainee Israr Samren, who is sentenced to a live-term and already spent 17 years behind bars.

Samren said that the administration is punishing him by barring him from his visitation rights, especially his young brothers who were not able to see him since more than ten years as the Israeli Security Services refuse to give them permits to visit him.